Personalised mentoring tailored to your individual and professional needs.
Knowledge and strategies you can apply immediately.

Face to face or online.

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Including, but not limited to:

Client Specific:

  • Movement screening protocols and tests to determine which areas of the body and movement patterns are to be strengthened and addressed.
  • Exercise technique mastery, including activations and all gym lifts.
  • Managing client injuries through exercise prescription.
  • Structuring training and rehabilitation programs for specific goals.
  • Patient/ client relationship and rapport building.

Business and Branding Growth:

  • Online training and exercise prescription.
  • Business model overview.
  • Sales/ Marketing. Lead generation and conversions.
  • Networking.
  • Building a social media presence.

Access to video and written resources.
Recording of session.
Please enquire for group sessions.

Enquire Within: